Transform SR Brands, LLC: Sears Kmart Appliances – Sales and Home Services Data

Exclusive data for appliances sold at Sears/Kmart and the connected Sears Home Services data.


Sears Kmart Appliances data has purchase history data sourced through Sears, Sears Hometown, Kmart stores and since 2012.​ It also includes Sears Home Services data for appliances covered by either a service contract i.e. a Protection Agreement (PA)/Home Warranty (HW) covering up to 10 home appliances or a Service Order (SO). When combined, the data provides an Individual Appliance View including the sale of the appliance, installation, location, coverage, and repair history.​ Performance insights on major appliances including patterns of breakdown rates by geography, brand, season, etc.​ can be derived from this data.

Samples/Tables Included:
– POS data including transactional details on purchases
– Service contracts data including details on agreements, and home warranties.
– Service orders including the type of repair, parts installed etc.

Fields Included:
– Data of sale
– Appliance installed location
– Appliance details: brand, model, etc.
– Duration of service agreement
– Appliances covered under agreement
– Age of appliance
– Type of service order
– Parts installed in a service order

Example Use Case:
Use the historical appliances purchase and service data to get insights on the customer’s purchase and usage patterns for appliances by geography. It will help segment, and target customers based on their needs and history. What type of marketing campaigns should you run and for which types of appliances? They will likely respond better when they make duress purchases.

About the Provider:

Transformco is a leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve its members – wherever, whenever and however they want to shop. Transformco is home to Shop Your Way®, a social shopping platform offering members rewards for shopping at Sears, Kmart and other retail partners. Transformco operates through its subsidiaries with full-line and specialty retail stores across the United States.

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