Resilinc: EventWatch AI

End-to-end supplier monitoring.


With EventWatchAI, know what is happening in your Supply Chain in near real-time.

Monitor millions of news and social feeds across 100+ countries and languages.

Resilinc’s risk management service identifies critical supply chain developments, and then filters, researches, and notifies clients on potential supply chain disruptions and threats. Our AI capabilities remove the noise, so your alerts are 100% relevant.

Fields Included:
– Event Created Date
– Event ID
– Event Title
– Event Description
– Event Type
– Severity
– Supplier ID
– Supplier Name
– Site Name
– Country Code
– Country Name
– Worst Recovery Time
– Average Recovery Time
– Site Activity/activities
– Latitude
– Longitude
– Alternate Site Name

Data Packages covered by Resilinc:
– Operational, Financial, ESG (Envi Social Gov), Climate, Cyber (Information Security), Transportation and Logistics, Compliance, Environmental, Geopolitical, Demographic, Social, Governance, Sustainability, Seismic.

Expected Workflow:
– Customer requests Resilinc’s test data via Snowflake, and if interested, this data can be shared on a real-time basis.
– Resilinc uses a Snowflake share to provide the consumer with customized news events based on a particular region, industry and their sub-tier suppliers.

About the Provider:

The world’s leading provider of end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions. Making your supply chain resilient.

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