Arcadia: Arcadia Research Data

De-identified EHR and integrated claims data


The Arcadia Research Data product contains de-identified clinical data for 50 million patients across the United States. This data is collected from integrated delivery networks and accountable care organization clients using Arcadia’s analytical platform.

Arcadia’s Quality Assessment process transforms the raw data into meaningful units of care that is actionable for our customers. This includes use of proprietary NLP tools to convert unstructured data to standard clinical terminology. Data is then de-duplicated, transposed, and enriched into a unified data model.

As provider clients use the data to make care decisions, there is a continuous feedback mechanism that ensures Arcadia can address and maintain the highest levels of quality control over time.

Tables included:
– Allergy
– Appointment
– Condition
– Encounter
– Immunization
– Medication
– Observation
– Orders
– Person
– Procedure
– Provider

Example columns in the Condition table include:
– encounter_id
– diagnosis_date
– code
– code_type
– code_description

Example columns in the Medication table include:
– encounter_id
– event_date
– start_date
– stop_date
– code
– code_type

Example columns in the Observation table include:
– event_date
– observation_type
– observation_result_numeric
– code
– code_type
– units

Example columns in the Person table include:
– sex
– dob_yr
– race
– ethnicity

About the Provider:

For the past 20 years, Arcadia has been dedicated to making a difference in healthcare, through data. Through our roots in value-based care and population health management, we have built our expertise across all types of healthcare data including: EHR systems, Internal and External labs, Medical and Rx Claims, ADT, and more.

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