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Data Warehousing Tools

The only way to extract maximum value from your data warehouse is with the right data warehousing tools. From the earliest stages of a data warehousing concept to data analysis within an operational cloud-based data warehouse, data warehousing tools maximize user efficiency.

The first step in the construction of a data warehouse concept is to transfer an existing on-premises warehouse and to the cloud. When developing a warehouse from scratch, an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) has been the most common process.

Common Tools: ETL

ETL is three combined processes, common in data warehousing, used to pull data from one database and transfer it to another database. The process of extracting data, transforming it into the proper format and loading it into its destination database can be lengthy, labor intensive and unreliable.

Snowflake's instant data integration renders ETL and ETL testing unnecessary.

Other Data Warehousing Tools

With an established data warehouse, the user will require tools for data transformation, integration and analysis.

Snowflake customers and partners have access to best-in-class data warehousing tools and are poised to take advantage of their easily accessible data.

Partnerships with data integration companies Talend and Fivetran enable easy transferring of on-premises databases to the cloud. Through the Snowflake connector, the bulk loading of data into Snowflake's cloud-based platform is fast and efficient, allowing users to focus on data analysis rather than system infrastructure.

The power of analytics initiatives is strengthened through Snowflake's partnership with Informatica. The cloud data management platform of Informatica allows Snowflake users to achieve data-driven insights quickly and securely.

Maximize Your Data Warehousing Deployment

Snowflake's partnerships and native tools provide myriad ways for working with and leveraging your data.

Learn more about how Snowflake can equip you with the most powerful data workload tools in a live demo. During one of Snowflake's live 30-minute weekly demos, watch product experts demonstrate key features and engage in real-time Q&A.

In addition to gaining greater insight to Snowflake's unique architecture, you'll also learn how to load data through various methods, run queries and connect to BI/ETL tools.

Virtual Hands-On Lab: From Zero to Snowflake in 90 Minutes

For a deeper dive into Snowflake's capabilities, this hands-on tutorial will equip you with the technical know-how to begin with Snowflake.

Follow along with a product expert and learn how to build the platform you need to generate data-driven insights.

Find a workshop near you or join online.

Snowflake Data Cloud Academy

With a range of instructional tracks to choose from, the Data Cloud Academy equips you with the fundamental and advanced technical expertise to elevate data-driven decision making, data application development, data management, and data monetization. Courses are taught by industry experts, including executives from Snowflake and its partners.