Snowflake and Segment partner to enable rapid analysis of customer data at scale

Technology leaders make dozens of customer data sources instantly available with joint data analytics solution 

SAN MATEO, Calif. – March 20, 2018Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced a strategic partnership with Segment, the customer data platform, to provide Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse on the Segment platform. Together, the technology leaders deliver a comprehensive data solution for enterprises to easily aggregate and analyze their customer data at scale to enable data-driven insights.

Segment customers now have direct access to an infinitely elastic data warehouse built for the cloud, and Snowflake benefits from a single data connector that brings together more than 40 data sources through Segment’s single API. Through this partnership, customers can store and access their aggregated data in a scalable cloud data warehouse with fast queries and zero maintenance.

To illustrate, Segment customer Doximity, a social network for medical professionals, wanted to perform faster queries and avoid data warehouse maintenance. Using Segment’s connector, Doximity made the transition to Snowflake and immediately moved all of their historical data to Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse. They estimated a savings of two weeks of engineering time to switch from one data warehouse to another. Doximity also saved months by not having to build an original ETL pipeline for customer data. Doximity can now query all of their aggregated data in a scalable, maintenance-free cloud data warehouse.

“Transitioning from our current data warehouse to Snowflake was simple and painless with Segment,” Doximity’s VP of Engineering, Bruno Miranda said. “Getting up and running took only a few minutes, and we were able to load all of our historical data in a snap. Snowflake’s fast and scalable architecture lets us query at lightning speed and avoid endless maintenance.”

Segment allows engineering teams to save a significant amount of time and resources, so that they can focus on projects that are core to their business. Prior to Snowflake, Segment customers reported that implementing a legacy data warehouse required an average of 108 hours of engineering time plus 40 hours per month of maintenance. Now, Segment customers simply authorize a Snowflake account within Segment as a new destination, and the system immediately loads all of their data into Snowflake. With just one implementation, Segment customers can load data into Snowflake and 200+ tools for marketing and growth on their platform in just a few minutes.

“Whether companies lack a single data warehouse solution or struggle with their current data warehouse’s performance and scalability, we are happy to offer them Snowflake’s high-performing cloud-built data warehouse on the Segment platform,” Segment Co-founder and CTO, Calvin French-Owen said. “Segment simplifies data access across any marketing or analytics tool companies want to deploy, and Snowflake simplifies rapid and scalable analysis. Together, we enable data-driven teams to use data to inform their product and marketing decisions at scale.”

Snowflake VP of Alliances, Walter Aldana said: “Customers can now harness the power of Segment’s platform to easily bring together critical customer data from over 40 sources for rapid analysis. With Segment, customers no longer have to worry about setting up and configuring multiple integrations to support their analytics. We are excited to bring this power of Segment’s platform to Snowflake which is the perfect complement to our instantly scalable cloud data warehouse, designed for concurrent, stress-free and fast data querying.”

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