Snowflake Launches Database Replication and Failover

Author: Sahaj Saini

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In today’s competitive global landscape, businesses need their systems to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, internet outages can occur for many reasons, including network issues, natural disasters, or viruses. The financial impact of even a few minutes of downtime can be significant.

For businesses in industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, and retail, high availability and quick recovery of data are particularly important. Corporate and government mandates often require the durability and availability of data, and proven backup plans are necessary for compliance purposes.

Enterprises usually have plans in place for business continuity and disaster recovery. However, fully restoring data and systems can take a long time, leading to the potential loss of valuable business.

To help customers meet these challenges, Snowflake has announced Snowflake Database Replication and Snowflake Database Failover, a new solution that guarantees high availability and quick recovery of data, no matter where or through which cloud provider your business operates.

Instant Access to Data in an Outage

Snowflake Database Replication enables customers to replicate databases and keep them synchronized across multiple accounts in different regions and different cloud providers. Customers can synchronize changes to a backup region or cloud provider, ensuring data durability and availability at all times.

With Snowflake Database Failover, in the event of a massive outage that disrupts the cloud services in a given region or for a specific cloud provider, customers can fail over databases to an available region or cloud provider to continue business operations.

Unlike the services provided by other companies, Snowflake Database Replication and Snowflake Database Failover services occur in real time, and time to recovery doesn’t depend on the amount of data. If a disaster occurs in one region or on one cloud service, businesses can immediately access and control Snowflake data they have replicated in a different region or cloud service.

Other services offer geobackups that customers cannot query and that can take hours or days to restore. Snowflake Database Replication and Snowflake Database Failover instantly synchronize data with no downtime. Customers can switch over to their backup Snowflake data and start querying their live database instantly—with zero impact to the business.

Visibility and Control of Data Replication

Snowflake’s solutions also offer customers visibility into and control of replication and failover. Customers can schedule database replication at the time interval they prefer—for example, every 15 minutes or every hour. This enables them to customize their recovery-point objectives to a particular time or time period. Similarly, they can run a command or use the Snowflake user interface to fail over their databases. They are in control of which databases to fail over and when the databases fail over.

Snowflake’s Key Benefits:

  • Real-time replication and failover, ensuring fast recovery time
  • Instant access to a live database with zero impact to business
  • Time to recovery that is not proportional to the amount of data
  • Visibility into and management control over replication and failover

Outages and disasters can occur at any moment. Snowflake can help your business be more prepared. Are you ready to have a better backup plan for your data?