Introducing Polaris Catalog

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Snowflake Trail for Observability

Introducing Snowflake Trail: a set of Snowflake capabilities for developers to better monitor, troubleshoot, debug and take actions on pipelines, apps, user code and compute utilizations.

Effortless Telemetry with one simple setting

Getting started with telemetry traditionally is a tedious process. Snowflake Trail eliminates the need for any agent installation, time-intensive setup or data export tasks, providing fast insights into application and pipeline performance. 

With just one simple setting, you can gain visibility into the performance of your Snowpark code and its resource usage, so you can quickly diagnose and debug your apps and pipeline development. Events are all within Snowflake with no need for additional data transfer. 

Diagram showing automated telemetric in Snowflake with Snowflake Trail
Screenshot of Snowflake Trail dashboard showing error logs and trace details

Reduce time to detect (TTD) and time to resolution (TTR)

Snowflake Trail provides a comprehensive set of telemetry signals, including metrics, logs and span events, to help developers better understand their applications and pipelines. These signals unite in Snowsight, Snowflake’s user interface, to help developers debug and detect issues quickly.

Bring Your Own Tools (BYOT) or use Snowsight

Built with OpenTelemetry standards, schema and open ecosystem integrations in mind, Snowflake telemetry and notification capabilities integrate with some of the most favored developer tools, including Datadog, Grafana, Metaplane, Monte Carlo, PagerDuty and Slack. Or simply use Snowsight, where developers can monitor and trace their pipelines, apps and runtime usage directly within Snowflake.

Snowflake Trail logo next to a gallery of logos of developer tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and PagerDuty

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