Create informed commercial strategies, maximize go-to-market resources and drive sales & marketing effectiveness

Bayer Improves Patient Care and Commercial Success with IQVIA and Snowflake

Bringing new drugs to market in an increasingly competitive and regulated market is more challenging than ever for pharmaceutical companies. Deciding how and where to focus your go-to-market efforts is key, but accessing the appropriate physician credentialing and real world data to inform your decisions can take months, introducing uncertainty and delaying the success of your launch.


Unified source of truth

Aggregate data from CRM tools, syndicated data providers, traditional digital marketing platforms, and other third-party sources to deliver personalized, integrated and multichannel physician engagements.

Strict data security and governance

Maintain compliance with data governance and privacy regulations and mandates while ensuring high levels of data availability and integrity.

Seamless and secure data access

Discover, analyze and share data sourced from internal business units, your partner network and third-party providers to improve customer segmentation and targeting, analyze campaign effectiveness and inform next best action.