We’re thrilled to announce that Snowflake received the honor of “Technology Partner of the Year” at Fivetran’s recent Partner Summit. The award celebrates our mutual customer growth, field alignment, and shared commitment to a powerful, positive customer experience.

As one of the leaders in automated data integration, Fivetran is built for a world where analysts need data to be centralized but don’t want to spend time maintaining their own pipelines or ETL systems. It has fully automated connectors that extract data from cloud applications, databases, event logs, and other sources. From there, its technology cleans the data or changes it into a useful form for querying before loading it into Snowflake or another data warehouse. 

A huge volume of data flows between Snowflake and Fivetran every day. We have 1,500+ mutual customers, and Snowflake has ingested 13.7 trillion rows of data from across 58,000+ connectors via the Fivetran platform.

In one use case example, marketers have benefited from the combination of Snowflake and Fivetran, which accelerates marketing analytics and provides a real-time view of campaign performance. Since Fivetran maintains continuous connections to most major marketing platforms and applications—including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Marketo, Twitter Ads, Pinterest and HubSpot—campaign managers can see what’s happening in their pipeline at any given moment, without having to log into or export data from each platform or write code to establish the connections. Fivetran automates the process, so any changes made within a platform or to a brand’s data—for example, when new email addresses come in through Marketo or new ads are served in LinkedIn—are all available in near real time. 

Marketers aren’t the only ones benefiting from Fivetran. Data engineers and data architects in companies such as Logitech, Square, and Flowcode are leveraging Fivetran and Snowflake to increase productivity, thereby removing the hassle of loading and transforming data while delivering unified reporting and reducing risk. 

“We place enormous value on our relationship with Fivetran and are deeply grateful for the honor of winning Technology Partner of the Year,” said Colleen Kapase, SVP of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Snowflake. “Our partnership continues to evolve to support customers through automated data integration with near zero-maintenance data pipelines, and we’ll continue to innovate together to help companies create a more data-driven culture.”

“Through product enhancements, mutual large-scale marketing engagements, and a great customer experience through Snowflake Partner Connect, Snowflake and Fivetran continue to accelerate strong mutual customer adoption across all segments of the market,” said Logan Welley SVP, Strategic Alliances at Fivetran. “We look forward to the future of our partnership; congrats!”
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