In March, Snowflake announced exciting releases, including advances in AI and ML with new features in Snowflake Cortex, new governance and privacy features in Snowflake Horizon, and broader developer support with the Snowflake CLI. Read on to learn more about everything we announced last month. 

Snowflake Cortex

LLM Functions – in public preview

Snowflake Cortex is an intelligent, fully managed service that delivers state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) as serverless SQL/Python functions; there are no integrations to set up, data to move or GPUs to provision. In Snowflake Cortex, there are task-specific functions that teams can use to quickly and cost-effectively execute complex tasks, such as translation, sentiment analysis and summarization. Additionally, to build custom apps, teams can use the complete function to run custom prompts using LLMs from Mistral AI, Meta and Google. Learn more.


Streamlit 1.26 – in public preview

We’re excited to announce support for Streamlit version 1.26 within Snowflake. This update, in preview, expands your options for building data apps directly in Snowflake’s secure environment. Now you can leverage the latest features and functionalities available in Streamlit 1.26.0 — including st.chat_input and st.chat_message, two powerful primitives for creating conversational interfaces within your data apps. This addition allows users to interact with your data applications using natural language, making them more accessible and user-friendly. You can also utilize the new features of Streamlit 1.26.0 to create even more interactive and informative data visualizations and dashboards. To learn more and get started, head over to the Snowflake documentation.

Snowflake Horizon 

Sensitive Data Custom Classification – in public preview

In addition to using standard classifiers in Snowflake, customers can now also write their own classifiers using SQL with custom logic to define what data is sensitive to their organization. This is an important enhancement to data classification and provides the necessary extensibility that customers need to detect and classify  more of their data. Learn more

Data Quality Monitoring – in public preview

Data Quality Monitoring is a built-in solution with out-of-the-box metrics, like null counts, time since the object was last updated and count of rows inserted into an object. Customers can even create custom metrics to monitor the quality of data. They can then effectively monitor and report on data quality by defining the frequency it is automatically measured and configure alerts to receive email notifications when quality thresholds are violated. Learn more.

Snowflake Data Clean Rooms – generally available in select regions

Snowflake Data Clean Rooms allow customers to unlock insights and value through secure data collaboration. Launched as a Snowflake Native App on Snowflake Marketplace, Snowflake Data Clean Rooms are now generally available to customers in AWS East, AWS West and Azure West. Snowflake Data Clean Rooms make it easy to build and use data clean rooms for both technical and non-technical users, with no additional access fees set by Snowflake. Find out more in this blog.

DevOps on Snowflake 

Snowflake CLI – public preview 

The new Snowflake CLI is an open source tool that empowers developers with a flexible and extensible interface for managing the end-to-end lifecycle of applications across various workloads (Snowpark, Snowpark Container Services, Snowflake Native Applications and Streamlit in Snowflake). It offers features such as user-defined functions, stored procedures, Streamlit integration and direct SQL execution. Learn more

Snowflake Marketplace  

Snowflake customers can tap into Snowflake Marketplace for access to more than 2,500 live and ready-to-query third-party data, apps and AI products all in one place (as of April 10, 2024). Here are all the providers who launched on Marketplace in March:

AI/ML Products

Brillersys – Time Series Data Generator 

Atscale, Inc. – Semantic Modeling Data

paretos GmbH – Demand Forecasting App

Connectors/SaaS Data

HALitics – eCommerce Platform Connector

Developer Tools – CI/CD, Automation and DataOps 

Data Governance, Quality and Cost Optimization

Select Labs US Inc. – Snowflake Performance & Cost Optimization

Foreground Data Solutions Inc – PII Data Detector

CareEvolution – Data Format Transformation

Merse, Inc – Snowflake Performance & Cost Optimization

Qbrainx – Snowflake Performance & Cost Optimization

Yuki – Snowflake Performance Optimization

DATAN3RD LLC – Data Quality App

Third-Party Data Providers

Upper Hand – Sports Facilities & Athletes Data

Sporting Group – Sportsbook Data

Quiet Data – UK Company Data

Manifold Data Mining – Demographics Data in Canada

SESAMm – ESG Controversy Data

KASPR Datahaus – Internet Quality & Anomaly Data

Blitzscaling – Blockchain Data

Starlitics  – ETF and Mutual Fund Data

SFR Analytics – Geographic Data

SignalRank – Startup Data

GfK SE – Purchasing Power Data


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