Last year, we held our first Accelerate event, to explore industry trends, data and technology innovations, and data strategy case studies in financial services. This year, we are expanding to five industry events, featuring leaders in financial services; retail and consumer goods; manufacturing; media, advertising and entertainment; and healthcare and life sciences. 

Accelerate Financial Services and Accelerate Retail are one-day virtual events brought to you by Microsoft. Join technology and business leaders from Microsoft, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs and more to discover executive priorities, best practices, and potential data and AI challenges that are top of mind for 2024. 

Why Attend Accelerate Financial Services?

Accelerate Financial Services is a virtual event on March 14, 2024, starting at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. It will explore how industry-leading organizations are building data, apps and AI strategies in the Data Cloud. Come to hear an insightful keynote and executive session, and attend deep dives featuring customer stories as well as product demos for AI use cases and apps. Agenda highlights include opportunities to:

  • Hear from industry leaders: Rinesh Patel, Snowflake’s Global Head of Financial Services, will deliver a keynote on how the Financial Services Data Cloud will accelerate your data and AI transformation initiatives.
  • Simplify the data foundation: Explore how you can simplify your data foundation by bringing your data together onto a single platform, enhancing security and governance controls, and thinking about connectivity and resilience. Hear directly from Sunil Mathews, VP of Enterprise Data & Analytics at Franklin Templeton, on how the asset management firm built its Integrated Data Hub on Snowflake to accelerate decision-making across the enterprise.
  • Scale your business with applications: Hear about how industry-leading organizations are turning to Snowflake to help translate their data into business and commercial outcomes through native apps. Check out demos from Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg on the Goldman Sachs Legend and Bloomberg Data License native apps, respectively.
  • Accelerate AI success with Snowflake: Learn how organizations are building AI strategies with cloud and enterprise data initiatives, and where Snowflake fits into this journey. Hear about the key business use cases applied with generative AI and where the industry is investing and applying this technology over the next three to five years. 
  • Join the financial services executive panel: Learn what are top priorities for financial services executives, what business and technology challenges they’re looking to solve, how they have partnered with Snowflake, and where they see the industry moving to in the future. The panel features Sean Foley, CTO of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft, and Spiros Giannaros, Executive Vice President, CEO and President of Charles River Development.

And to learn more about the latest data and AI trends in the industry, read our new report, Data Trends 2024: Financial Services

Why Attend Accelerate Retail?

Accelerate Retail is a virtual event on May 2, 2024 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. Agenda highlights include opportunities to:

  • Hear from industry leaders: Prabhath Nanisetty, Industry Principal for Retail Data & Quick Commerce at Snowflake, will kick off the event with a keynote on how organizations around the globe are accelerating data and AI transformation initiatives with the Retail Data Cloud. 

In the executive panel session, hear directly from Rosemary DeAragon, Snowflake’s global GTM Lead for  Retail and Consumer Goods, Shanthi Rajagopalan, Global Head of Strategy for Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft, Pat Nestor, Global Head of Analytics Products at Kraft Heinz, and Alex Izydorczyk, Founder and CEO at Cybersyn, a Snowflake affiliate, on what is top of mind in the era of data transformation and how they have partnered with Snowflake to solve today’s business challenges. 

  • Simplify the data foundation: As retail organizations look to adopt new technologies like generative AI or implement their transformation agendas, a robust enterprise data strategy is becoming more critical than ever. Trevor Kaplan, senior sales engineer at Snowflake, will delve into the data capabilities required for success, and Pat Nestor, Global Head of Analytics Products at Kraft Heinz, will share how the brand simplified their data foundation with Snowflake. 
  • Scale your business with applications: Today’s leading retail and consumer goods organizations build applications to generate insights, delight customers and optimize operations. Listen to the latest innovation enabling businesses to build, deploy and deliver value from apps, presented by Brian Stanley, senior sales engineer at Snowflake. Watch live demos from Snowflake partners LiveRamp and Cybersyn to learn how to derive insights from data by leveraging native apps in Snowflake Marketplace.
  • Accelerate AI success with Snowflake: Discover how organizations are building AI strategies with cloud and enterprise data initiatives, and where Snowflake fits into this transformation journey. Valentine Fontama, Senior Principal Sales Engineer, Data Science at Snowflake, will demonstrate how to build and host a large language model in Snowflake. Learn to build interactive chat applications with Snowflake, and quickly and securely bring AI to the data with Snowpark Container Services, now in public preview, and Cortex Copilot, now in private preview.

About the Microsoft and Snowflake partnership

Snowflake on Microsoft Azure is a best-in-class AI-powered Data Cloud with robust integration with the Microsoft cloud. The Snowflake Data Cloud on Azure provides a path to practical AI-enhanced data strategy, de-siloing and protecting enterprise data built on the Azure platform, which enables secure data mobilization for intensive workloads such as warehousing, machine learning, generative AI and app development. Snowflake on Microsoft Azure paves the way to a unified data strategy that applies AI as leverage for business goals, adding secure data collaboration, removing friction, and accelerating data migration while improving governance, development, analytics and improved customer experiences — all using your enterprise data combined with the power of Microsoft Azure.

To learn more about Snowflake’s evolving partnership with Microsoft, watch this video featuring Frank Slootman, Snowflake’s Chairman and former CEO, and Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chairman and CEO. 

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