Heap: Web & Mobile Behavioral Data

Heap automatically captures every user action without manual event tagging.


Heap automatically collects, organizes, and sends behavioral data (pageviews, clicks, swipes, taps, field changes etc.) to Snowflake, so businesses can create more valuable product experiences. This data set contains all user, session, and event level data from your websites and applications, which empowers teams to make data-driven decisions through a complete data set in Snowflake. Heap syncs on regular intervals throughout the day, so teams have access to fresh data. Additionally, Heap’s user-centric data model can easily be joined with your other data sources in Snowflake to create a more holistic view of your users. Teams across your organization can take advantage of the data Heap provides.

The Heap schema contains tables for users, sessions, all_events, pageviews, and defined events. Additional metadata tables will be synced as well.

** Product Managers can use Heap data to better understand user engagement with certain features
** Marketers can monitor attribution channels and site conversion.

Please view Heap’s Documentation link for details on the data dictionary and structure.

About the Provider:

Heap’s mission is to power business decisions with truth. We empower companies to focus on what matters — discovering insights and taking action — not building pipelines or manual tagging. With Heap, organizations of all sizes can remove technical bottlenecks and gain a single comprehensive view of their customers. Our software automatically collects, organizes, analyzes, and connects customer data, so businesses can create more valuable products and experiences.

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