One of our key objectives at Snowflake is to help enterprises fully unlock the value of their data, and an important aspect of that is making data both accessible and actionable to as many people as possible, regardless of their role or technical skill set. We’re announcing a new investment today that will transform how teams across the business work with data in the future. 

Snowflake Ventures is investing in Coda to empower business users to turn data into action. Coda provides an innovative, all-in-one productivity platform that combines the functionality of docs, spreadsheets, and applications in a single, interactive workspace. With Coda, employees can build docs that incorporate embedded media, such as video and charts, along with live data from third-party apps such as Slack, Asana, and Salesforce, effectively consolidating several tools into one powerful interface.

Productivity tools today tend to be largely siloed, and connecting them to a common underlying data layer can be complex and hard to manage. This partnership opens up transformative possibilities for how users throughout the organization can activate company data. 

With Coda and Snowflake, employees can seamlessly access data from the Data Cloud via Coda’s Snowflake Pack. The Snowflake Pack in Coda is making it easy for teams in any department to discover, access, collaborate, and build workflows with Snowflake data by bringing together all parts of their work into a single source of truth. We have seen powerful use cases for this combination across virtually all departments, from marketing, design and sales to engineering, finance, and the executive suite.

For example, Sales teams can use Coda and Snowflake together for account planning and customer engagement. Account Executives can bring together documents, spreadsheets, presentations, Salesforce reports, and data from Snowflake to get a comprehensive view of the customer in a single interactive document in Coda. The Account Executive can then use the holistic customer view to create an customized account plan and then directly take action on that plan, such as inviting the customer to a relevant webinar – unlocking both insights and productivity all in one platform. 

Our investment today is about confidence in Coda and Snowflake, and we will continue to collaborate across our products to the mutual benefit of our customers. With Coda’s existing AI features and Snowflake’s powerful AI capabilities, such as Snowflake Cortex (certain features currently in preview), everyone can expect exciting joint products to emerge. Together, we are exploring ways to fundamentally transform how Snowflake customers realize more value from their data with the combination of Coda and the Data Cloud. Learn more and get started.