Snowflake is proud to introduce a significant upgrade to Snowflake Documentation, aimed at delivering an even more comprehensive and effortless user experience for all Snowflake customers. If you’re already an avid docs user, don’t worry—your bookmarks will continue to work. We have preserved all the existing URLs, ensuring a seamless transition for our loyal users.

Investing in technical documentation offers a multitude of advantages. With the upgraded Snowflake Documentation site, users can:

  • Quickly understand the Snowflake platform
  • Discover new features and capabilities
  • Gain confidence (and find joy) by learning how to operate Snowflake more effectively

Our customers are priority #1 in every decision we make, and technical documentation is a crucial investment for Snowflake as a product. Ensuring consistency and accuracy in the product’s usage and operation should lead to increased efficiency and productivity for our customers, the end users.

At Snowflake, we are fully dedicated to providing a world-class documentation experience to all our customers. This upgraded site is just the beginning of our investment, and we are determined to continuously improve and expand it to be your ultimate resource for all things Snowflake.

With this upgrade, there are even more benefits to our developer community. Snowflake Documentation is now a comprehensive resource for developers building and developing on top of Snowflake. Specifically, with your feedback in mind, this should be an easier process for all those becoming familiar with Snowpark. With quick and easy access to the information they need, developers can efficiently bring their projects to life, save time and effort, and achieve their goals more effectively.

Find resources quickly with new navigation bar

Using the new navigation bar, you can easily jump from step-by-step guides, to looking up keyword references, to checking out the latest releases. Or, when you have general questions or want to learn about the platform, navigate to “Getting Started.” You can also see the current status of Snowflake systems in real time across all our global regions. 

Getting started with new features

Whether you’re brand new to Snowflake or trying to learn a new feature, the “Getting Started” section will help you discover what you need to know to help you build and launch projects faster.

Learn more about new features

With dozens of new features announced at events like Snowflake Summit and Snowday, it’s hard to keep track of all the innovation. The docs site helps curate the latest features with homepage highlights and easy access to the Releases section. 

We are confident that our upgraded site will deliver an even more seamless user experience for all Snowflake customers. Whether you’re a seasoned Snowflake user or just starting out, our site is your go-to resource for all things Snowflake. So what are you waiting for? Explore Snowflake Documentation today and see how Snowflake can help you achieve your objectives!