At Data Cloud Summit 2020, attendees chose among dozens of sessions that showcased how customers are unlocking the value of the Data Cloud and using Snowflake in innovative ways to gain data insights throughout their business ecosystem. Replays of all sessions are available here. 

The Industry Solutions Spotlight track viewed the value of the Data Cloud through the lens of different industries, including healthcare and life sciences; financial services; retail and consumer packaged goods; technology; and arts, media, and entertainment. This track explored how Snowflake empowers each industry to solve its particular challenges and gain business value from the vast amount of data available today.

Here are some of the highlights from the Industry Solutions Spotlight track:

  • Real-life transformation stories from various industries
  • Case studies on how life science organizations are developing new capabilities to manage and analyze the growing amount of digital health data generated by the healthcare ecosystem to inform key decisions across the product life cycle 
  • Examples of how manufacturers are modernizing their analytics infrastructure with Snowflake to reduce supply chain interruptions, improve operational efficiency, and develop real-time insights into the business
  • Insights on how retail companies are using data to discover patterns in historical customer activity and predict which customers are most likely to defect and why 
  • Best practices on how financial organizations are leveraging AI to create a competitive advantage for themselves 
  • How technology companies are leveraging AI and automated machine learning to retain more customers, increase profits, and build brand value 
  • How a business intelligence engineer and a data scientist can work together to deliver a machine learning solution to a common business problem
  • How leaders in many industries leverage the Data Cloud to improve growth and collaboration with partners, and to mobilize their data to drive business initiatives
  • Examples of how Snowflake and its partners are empowering customers in all industries to connect, catalog, and flexibly combine and model data from multiple sources; leverage the power of machine learning and advanced statistical models with augmented analytics; and embed data perspectives into key business applications to enable faster, better decision-making

To listen to any session that you missed in any Data Cloud Summit track, replays of all sessions are available here.