The first annual Data Cloud Industry Day is here!

Data Cloud Industry Day 2023 is a free virtual event on September 28, 2023, dedicated to what’s possible for you and your industry in the world of data. From leading-edge innovations to seamless solutions to your toughest industry-specific challenges, Industry Day provides the insights and information you need to drive business value with your data.

What can I expect at Industry Day?

The event will feature industry-specific sessions hosted by Snowflake’s industry leaders along with exciting customer guest speakers. It will also be your opportunity to learn about the latest Snowflake Data Cloud and Snowflake product developments and to watch informative partner and product demos, Data Cloud Industry Day will provide industry leaders and data practitioners with the knowledge they need to launch a data revolution in their own organizations. From AI and ML to data clean rooms and data collaboration, Industry Day empowers attendees with the information and tools they need to transform their organizations with better business outcomes, ranging from customer 360 to supply chain management. 

Industry Day opening keynote

Join Snowflake Global Head of Industry Go-to-Market Adam Kaufman to hear how generative AI (genAI), large language models (LLMs), and our seven industry-specific Data Clouds revolutionize businesses across industries and how Snowflake’s focus is to enable new features and capabilities to bring these innovations to data of all types. Adam will also share common data challenges that impact nearly every industry and teach you how best to use data as a strategic advantage. On top of all that, Adam will profile Snowflake’s vast ecosystem of partners that, together with the Data Cloud, deliver real, tangible business value, helping you meet today’s biggest challenges.

Caption: Watch Industry Day 2023 preview

Seven industry tracks

We have seven industry-specific tracks to fill your day with the latest insights from Snowflake leadership, customers and partners. Industry tracks also feature demos and updates on the latest Snowflake capabilities and industry use cases, helping you to get even more value from the Data Cloud. Come experience: 

Financial Services

  • Learn how the Financial Services Data Cloud is powering business-critical outcomes for asset managers, banks, insurance providers and others.
  • Hear how BNY Mellon’s Pershing X is transforming the advisor experience with the Data Cloud.
  • Watch demos about how genAI can transform claims management, how Snowflake can improve quantitative research and more. 

Government and Education 

Healthcare and Life Sciences 

  • Listen to healthcare and life sciences industry experts and visionaries about how they are tackling critical use cases, like patient 360 and interoperability, with the Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud.
  • Hear from Snowflake customer McKesson about how the company is leveraging AI and data collaboration to improve health data outcomes. 
  • Watch Snowflake Marketplace and Data Cloud demos.


  • Learn how Snowflake customers Cisco and Siemens use Snowflake to enable supply chain solutions.
  • Hear how the Manufacturing Data Cloud is tackling tough manufacturing use cases. 
  • Watch demos on anomaly detection, asset connectivity and Snowflake Marketplace.

Media, Advertising and Entertainment

  • Get the latest insights into how the Media Data Cloud and Snowflake’s partner ecosystem are transforming the industry.
  • Hear from Snowflake customer Samsung Ads on how the company is using Snowflake to build a ML platform.
  • Watch data clean room, Snowflake Marketplace and Snowflake plus Streamlit product demos.

Retail and Consumer Goods

  • Hear how the Retail Data Cloud addresses key industry use cases, such as delivering personalized customer experience, price optimization and more.
  • See how Snowflake customers Petsmart, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works are delivering business value with the Retail Data Cloud.
  • Watch demos on pricing optimizing, on-shelf availability and Snowflake Marketplace.


  • Learn how global telecom customers use Snowflake’s Telecom Data Cloud to grow revenue, monetize their data and maximize operational efficiency.
  • Hear how Snowflake customers AT&T and Comcast are powering business-critical use cases. 
  • Watch Telecom Data Cloud and Snowflake Marketplace demos.

What’s the cost?

Attendance at this event is totally FREE. We know budgets are tight and we wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on learning how to use data to transform their organization. 

Ready to embrace the power of data for your industry? Then be sure to join us for Data Cloud Industry Day 2023! Register today and be a part of the data revolution!