There are many reasons on why to build data applications that are powered by Snowflake. If you have seen a technical deep dive of the platform, you know that Snowflake’s architecture provides the perfect foundation for apps by providing:

  • near-unlimited scalability and concurrency
  • an accelerated time to market
  • no SRE/DevOps burden

This is why many of our partners also join our Powered By program and design (industry) applications.

What are the deployment models you need to consider? And how can you design an application for performance?

This session will guide you through how to design your application for the best performance. Topics will include right sizing warehouses, concurrency with multi-cluster warehouses, query pruning, compilation, and optimising connection and transport for your clients. We will also discuss recent changes that have increased performance and upcoming functionality that can be leveraged to cover higher concurrencies and lower latency workloads. 

  • Leonie van der Sleen

    Partner Sales Engineer EMEA, Snowflake