Snowflake’s Chairman and CEO today issued the following statement:

“Comments I made during a media interview last week may have led some to infer that I believe that diversity and merit are mutually exclusive when it comes to recruitment, hiring and promotion. I do not believe this, and I want to personally apologize to anyone who may have been hurt or offended by my comments. I accept full and personal responsibility for the lack of clarity in my comments.”

“The truth is that all individuals are not treated equally. No serious person can believe otherwise. All individuals don’t have the same opportunities, be it in the workplace or in society as a whole. This has long been the case, and it remains the case today. Sadly, racism, discrimination and prejudice are still common in our society. This reality is that corporate leaders like myself, and companies like Snowflake, must fight daily to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion help lead our thinking, and our actions.” 

“While diversity, equity and inclusion has long been a focus for Snowflake, we are committed to doing more. We have the responsibility to lead, and we will do so. Snowflake, under my personal leadership, will undertake a comprehensive review across our company of all of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to help ensure that we are taking appropriate steps. We have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion council at Snowflake, and I am proud of the work they have done.” 

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are not causes — they are important pillars that are central in what we do as a company. This important effort continues, and we will do our part to lead.”