Snowflake has been working closely with Tableau to deliver better, faster, and more efficient data analysis and data processing for our customers. And the results have been exciting: We’ve achieved greater than a 200% increase in our total number of customers since last year. 

Snowflake delivers a scalable and flexible data warehouse built from the ground up for the cloud, while Tableau provides customers with powerful visual analytics capabilities. Companies that use the tools together are seeing vast benefits to performance, the ability to scale up and down as needed in a fully cloud-native environment, and increased access to data across business units that empowers users with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Thinking back to Tableau Conference 2019 this year, we’re proud that a number of our valued customers and partners showcased Snowflake as part of their analytics stack. There was a great set of learning opportunities at the Tableau Conference. Here are some of the highlights.

Expedia is evolving its data services platform (DSP) from an on-premises solution to a cloud-native solution. Expedia uses Snowflake’s data warehouse with Tableau’s enterprise business intelligence tool to produce cost management insights and services for the business, have quicker access to data, and gain the overall flexibility offered by the cloud. Here’s a big shout out to Expedia DSP Director of Partner Services, Aaron Dane, who detailed Expedia’s journey to the cloud during the customer session, “How Expedia Evolved from On Premises to the Cloud.” 

Logitech’s journey to the cloud caused minimal impact to its business operations. At the customer session “Data Done Right = #Winning,” attendees learned how Logitech built a hybrid data fabric to seamlessly integrate and deliver information across on-premises and cloud environments. Logitech also empowered business users with a symbiotic environment for rapid innovation with guardrails, and it reduced TCO, such as infrastructure and operational expenses, while reaching exceptional service levels and benefitting from the ability to support a wide variety of use cases. 

Brown Advisory built an analytics program with Tableau and Snowflake, using easy-to-use tools to unlock value from its data. During its move to the cloud, Brown Advisory was able to leverage tools to identify and prep data from diverse systems without coding and build a hybrid data pipeline to integrate and deliver information across on-premises and cloud environments seamlessly. In addition, like Logitech, it used the cloud to efficiently reach exceptional service levels and benefit from the ability to support a wide variety of use cases. The company also implemented data governance and built a self-service visual analytics program to derive insights from data. Brown Advisory Technology Manager, Charles Severn, talked about these capabilities at the session “Brown Advisory: Journey to the Cloud: Building an Analytics Program with Tableau and Snowflake.

In addition to sessions highlighting our customers, Snowflake’s Partner of the Year 2019, Slalom, led a session on how to enable a modern culture of data, unleash the collective potential of your team, and unlock the untapped opportunities in your business. 

Finally, as enterprises integrate non-relational data with their traditional data warehouses, many organizations are struggling to relate to JSON and other unstructured sources. How do you bring it all together for maximum impact? Bridget Cogley, Teknion Data Solutions Senior Consultant, and Patrick McCormick, owner of McCormick BI, LLC, presented technical strategies for understanding your data environment, bridging the gap between JSON and relational data, and learning how modern data warehouses such as Snowflake can support building schemas that work with relational models.

“Tableau and Snowflake had a tremendous impact on our organization,” said Cathy Tanimura, Senior Director of Analytics and Data Science at Strava, which uses Snowflake to warehouse its data and Tableau to analyze its data through multiple dashboards. “It really allowed us to leverage our data and really put data into the fingertips of non-analysts and business leaders so they can have actual insights from their data without having to run SQL.”

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