Fall is the time of year when we host our annual Snowflake Partner Summit. Bringing together representatives from Snowflake and our extensive partner ecosystem, the Snowflake Partner Summit provides an opportunity to gather and plan for the year ahead, share ideas and celebrate the joint success we’ve realized through close cooperation, open communication and hard work.

As part of the 2018 Snowflake Partner Summit, we hosted our first partner award ceremony.  After conducting a comprehensive survey amongst the Snowflake sales team, winners were chosen based on criteria that mapped directly to Snowflake’s core values, taking into consideration how each nominee embodied those values in their business practices.

Here is a list of this year’s winners.

Snowflake Values and Award Winners

Snowflake Value: Put Customers First

  • Technology Partner Winner: Microsoft
  • Solution Partner Winner: Cervello

Snowflake Value: Get it Done

  • Technology Partner Winner: FiveTran
  • Solution Partner Winner: INTRICITY

Snowflake Value: Own It

  • Technology Partner Winner: Slalom

Snowflake Value: Integrity Always

  • Technology Partner Winner: Talend

Snowflake Value: Think Big

  • Technology Partner Winner: Tableau
  • Solution Partner Winner: Wipro

Snowflake Value: Be Excellent

  • Solution Partner Winner: Clarity Insights

Snowflake Value: Make Each Other the Best

  • Technology Partner Winner: Looker
  • Solution Partner Winner: Interworks

Snowflake Value: Embrace Each Other’s Differences

  • Technology Partner Winner: AWS

Taking time to celebrate wins is an important part of what we do. We’d like to thank all who attended this year’s event. We look forward to growing with our partners, working closely together to offer our customers exceptional technology solutions combined with positive, enriching service experiences. Learn more about the Snowflake Partner ecosystem here.

The Snowflake Alliances Team