At Snowflake, we continue to cultivate and grow our ecosystem of trusted partners. We are committed to providing our customers with a choice of best-of-breed technologies that integrate seamlessly into the Data Cloud. In particular, for machine learning workloads, this means joint customers can scale their machine learning and data science projects using technology they love, while ensuring data governance and data security.

As part of that mission, Snowflake Ventures is excited to announce our participation in the Series B funding for Hex, a collaborative workspace for conducting analysis and data science with Python and SQL. The Hex platform allows users to connect, explore and visualize data, share work in real time with peers, and publish interactive data apps, all with an industry leading user experience.

We’ve been collaborating closely with the Hex team to offer a seamless integration with Snowflake. In particular, with our latest Snowpark developments, machine learning engineers and data scientists will be able to securely operate and collaborate at scale on their data in Snowflake through the Hex notebook interface. Customers stand to benefit from improved performance and scalability, reduced costs and tightly governed data. 

Hex became a Snowflake Select Technology Partner in September 2021 and we share many joint customers. We see today’s announcement as the foundation for a close technical and GTM  relationship which will allow more joint customers to unlock value from their data and drive business outcomes. 

For more information on our investment framework, visit the Snowflake Ventures website here.