Ending the struggle for data starts with getting to your data faster. Snowflake already streamlines the path to get up and running with a simple sign-up process via our website. With the introduction of Partner Connect, getting started with loading your data just got easier.

Featuring data integration partners Fivetran, Alooma and Stitch, Partner Connect accelerates the onboarding process for new customers by eliminating the time-consuming steps of signing up for a new partner application and manually configuring the connection to Snowflake. We want to remove all barriers to getting started so you can unlock the full value of Snowflake immediately. Partner Connect makes this possible.

How does it work?

Through Partner Connect you can start loading your data with just a few clicks. After logging into the UI, a new tab labeled “Partner Connect” is now available. From there you can select from the available partner applications, point to existing data sources and start loading data in minutes. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. If you don’t already have a Snowflake account you can create one by clicking here
  • 2. Once signed in to your account, click the Partner Connect tab
  • 3. Choose a partner from the list (Fivetran, Alooma, Stitch)

  • 4. Review the partner description and information and click Connect


Snowflake Partner Connect

  • 5. After receiving confirmation that your account was created, click Launch


  • 6. You will be redirected to the Partner site in a new window
  • 7. Review the Partner terms of use and create a password to activate the trial account
  • 8. Once activated, your new partner account is  ready to connect to your Snowflake account
  • 9. Use the partner application to setup connections to your existing data sources and start loading data!

Get Started Today

This is just the beginning. As we continue to expand Partner Connect, we will add new data integration partners and introduce partners that provide different solutions, including business intelligence, advanced analytics and more. For more information, you can watch a demo of how to get up and running on Partner Connect. Or, get started right away by signing up for Partner Connect today.