Snowflake Announces Partner Connect – Effortless Data Loading and Analysis

Automated setup and integration with Fivetran, Alooma and Stitch accelerates data loading and analytics for faster, data-driven insights 

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Aug 2, 2018 Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced the launch of Partner Connect, a new feature that enables Snowflake customers to get faster insights from their data. Partner Connect accelerates time-to-value through pre-built integrations with existing data integration (ETL and ELT) partners, including Fivetran, Alooma and Stitch. With rapid provisioning of these partner applications and automatic connection to Snowflake, customers can start loading data into Snowflake in minutes for immediate analysis.

“Helping our customers get up and running quickly and easily on Snowflake is key to them becoming data-driven organizations,” Snowflake’s VP of Product, Christian Kleinerman said. “As part of that, Partner Connect enables the fewest steps required for customers to load their data and get insight from that data within minutes.”

Partner Connect is currently available with Snowflake data integration partners Fivetran, Alooma and Stitch. The feature is available to all Snowflake customers but specifically accelerates the onboarding of self-service customers who sign up online for Snowflake.

Partner Connect makes it easy to create a free trial account with the chosen data integration partner and automatically configure the Snowflake connection. This enables customers to avoid the manual work associated with creating databases and warehouses, and separately provisioning and configuring a partner application. With Partner Connect, customers can get to their data immediately and accelerate time-to-insight.

The program will continue to expand to include additional data integration partners and other partner types, such as business intelligence, advanced analytics (ML/AI), security and other technology solution providers.

Axcess Financials is a financial solutions partner that operates over 1000 retail stores and has serviced more than 50 million loans. “Snowflake and Fivetran together are a perfect combination of ease of use, fast performance and minimal maintenance,” Axcess Financials’ Director of Data Analytics, Bryan Christ said. “With just a couple of clicks, you can start syncing large amounts of data from your source systems into Snowflake’s high-performing, virtual data warehouse. With Snowflake’s ability to instantly scale its compute up and down, and the seamless data pipeline service Fivetran provides, we’re able to start analyzing data instantly and generating outcomes for our business in a fraction of the time.”

Strava is a website and mobile app for people to track their athletic activity via satellite navigation and then upload and share such activities. “Alooma, together with Snowflake, gives our marketing organization real-time data analytics pulled from across all app and ad sources without draining our internal engineering resources or sacrificing our security practices,” Strava Data Engineer, Carlin Eng said.

Lilly Pulitzer is an online retailer that offers resort wear for women. “Snowflake and Stitch enable our company to start implementing data-driven insights much faster,” Lilly Pulitzer’s VP of Technology Solutions, Jim Adams said. “Before Snowflake, we were struggling with data silos. But with our new unified data warehouse and real-time, company-wide reporting capabilities, we will soon turn our data into a crucial business asset.”

Snowflake’s data integration partners already provide seamless integrations with Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse. Now, those integrations are available to organizations that become Snowflake customers by signing up via the Snowflake website. Customers of Snowflake and its data integration partners continue to experience greater efficiencies and faster time-to-value for their organizations.

“Snowflake makes it even easier for companies to make data-driven decisions by adding immediate data integration partner access,” Alooma Co-founder & CTO, Yair Weinberger said. “Now, self-service users can have a frictionless data orchestration experience and start uniting data straightaway in Snowflake.”

“Our partnership with Snowflake is a continuation of the Fivetran commitment to simplify the process for businesses to set up a data warehouse and a data stack,” Fivetran CEO, George Fraser said. “Fivetran and Snowflake are building a seamless experience as part of a philosophy to enable data analytics for any company, large or small.”

“Snowflake’s cloud-native architecture, independent scalability of storage and compute, and deep integration with Stitch’s cloud ETL empowers customers to provision a world-class data infrastructure in minutes,” Stitch CEO, Jake Stein said. “Many of our most sophisticated customers have migrated to Snowflake from legacy data warehouses and we’re thrilled to see that trend accelerate.”

Snowflake’s Partner Connect is now available to all existing and prospective customers. To find out more, please click here. To sign up for a free Snowflake account, please click here.


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