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Rise of the Data Cloud is an original podcast hosted by award-winning author and journalist, Steve Hamm. Each episode, Steve speaks with a top data thought leader to learn how they leverage the cloud to unite, share, and analyze data to drive business growth, fuel innovation, and disrupt their industries.



Episode 39

Change is the Only Constant with Omar Khawaja, Global Head BI Roche Diagnostics at Roche

This episode features an interview with Omar Khawaja, Global Head BI Roche Diagnostics at Roche. Omar is an expert in his field and has a wealth of insight on what’s going on in the diagnostics and research industry.

In this episode, Omar talks about the intersection of healthcare and big data, how to handle the balance of centralized and decentralized data, the future of data sharing, and much more.

Guests: Omar Khawaja and Steve Hamm

Episode 38

How to Make Your Data Ethical with Jack Berkowitz, Chief Data Officer at ADP

This episode features an interview with Jack Berkowitz, Chief Data Officer at ADP. Jack has spent the last 20 years as a senior leader at a variety of companies, including being the Vice President of Products and Data Science at Oracle.

In this episode, Jack talks about the importance of keeping your product simple, data sharing, applying ethics to algorithms, and much more.

Guests: Jack Berkowitz and Steve Hamm

Episode 37

How to Make Your Data Sing with Moin Haque, SVP of Architecture and Engineering, and Vlad Barkov, VP of Data Architecture & Engineering at Warner Music Group

This episode features an interview with Moin Haque and Vlad Barkov from Warner Music Group. Moin is their SVP of Architecture and Engineering and Vlad is the Vice President of Data Architecture & Engineering.

Moin and Vlad discuss the transformation of the music industry during the pandemic, choosing the right business partners, making data independent, and much more.

Guests: Moin Haque, Vlad Barkov, and Steve Hamm

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Rise of the Data Cloud chronicles an idea that evolved into one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern technology. The Data Cloud brings organizations and their data together so the true potential of the data economy can emerge. Find out how your enterprise can join the Data Cloud and reap the previously unimaginable benefits of transacting with data, locally and globally.