At Data Cloud Summit 2020, participants attended a variety of sessions to learn about how modern organizations are using the Data Cloud to connect to a world of data. Although the conference is over, you can view replays of all sessions here

One of the hottest tracks during Data Cloud Summit was Unlock the Value of the Data Cloud. This track explored the vision and evolution of the Data Cloud, and featured customers who shared how their organizations are embracing and gaining value from the Data Cloud. 

Highlights from the Unlock the Value of the Data Cloud track include:

  • A session featuring Benoit Dageville, Snowflake Co-Founder and President of Products, on his vision for the Data Cloud. Dageville shared why Snowflake’s platform is uniquely positioned to unlock the value of data, how new innovations create new opportunities, and what the future holds for Snowflake.
  • Discussions about the business value that can be unlocked from the Data Cloud, how the Data Cloud is powering a new wave of artificial intelligence applications, and how various industries are using the Data Cloud to achieve their business goals. 
  • Examples of how Snowflake customers are embracing the Data Cloud and discovering new ways of delivering products and services to customers, coordinating across supply chains, and collaborating across global businesses. 
  • Insights from a global study about data’s evolution to the cloud, and how the Data Cloud is providing insights and visibility that can be a game-changer in the race to gain a competitive advantage and reap bottom-line value. 
  • Best practices on the adoption of the Data Cloud from Snowflake partners who are working with customers worldwide to realize the benefits of being data-driven. 
  • Case studies on migrating data and analytics systems to Snowflake easily and efficiently, and how a migration to Snowflake can increase revenue, cut costs, and deliver a better customer experience.

Visit the agenda to listen to any session that you missed in any Data Cloud Summit track.