A lot of the buzz around AI focuses on its future potential. And we get it — we’re talking about a transformative technology that presents seemingly limitless possibilities. But an important aspect of this world-changing tech story that gets lost in the hype is understanding exactly what AI solutions are available for you and your team to employ right now, today.

A solid data foundation is critical to being able to successfully leverage AI solutions, and Snowflake’s platform allows both marketing solution providers and marketing professionals to capitalize on this movement of AI in marketing with data at the core. In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper look at the Braze customer engagement platform, which can be powered by Snowflake, and how the Braze product team can help customers leverage the data they have in Snowflake, as well as AI and other intelligent technologies, to ingest and process customer data in real time; orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns; and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies.

Empowering experimentation

Sage AI by Braze is a comprehensive engine that powers AI functionality in the Braze platform. It makes creativity, personalization and experimentation easy and accessible to all marketers. With Sage AI by Braze, marketers can use generative features for quick content creation and quality assurance. They can also personalize experiences for customers by offering tailored content and providing custom recommendations. 

All these features make it faster and easier for marketers to experiment. They can test ideas, optimize journeys, provide recommendations and automate decisions. That’s crucial, especially at this relatively early stage in the advancement of AI technology. 

There are several primary application scenarios for Sage AI by Braze: 

  • Customer journey automation: The solution can be used to automate customer journeys by automatically applying a campaign’s AI-powered experimentation results to increase the likelihood of conversions. Putting the easy-to-use AI tool directly into the hands of the marketing team enables streamlined testing for effective and creative approaches to messaging and campaigns.
  • Targeted message personalization: The solution improves message personalization by identifying which of your customers are most (or, equally helpfully, are least) likely to perform an action, so you can tee up messages to those that most need to hear them. Equipping marketers with the power of machine learning allows for more targeted messaging to help drive conversions.
  • Customer experience optimization: The Braze solution allows marketers to send customers the campaign content most likely to resonate with them at exactly the time they’re most likely to engage with it. Optimizing and personalizing the customer experience creates brand loyalty, lifetime value and revenue.
  • Customer churn reduction: The solution helps reduce churn by applying built-in customizable models that allow you to identify and target customers at risk of unsubscribing — and try to help retain them.
  • Building customer relationships: The solution helps marketers build brand equity by using the AI tool to create memorable, personalized and newly creative customer experiences. These experiences will help optimize results to drive conversions and maximize brand outcomes.

Removing common marketing bottlenecks

Sage AI by Braze frees up marketing professionals to focus on their craft and sidestep some of the bottlenecks they’re all too familiar with. The solution offers marketing teams the following significant benefits:

  • Increased team efficiency: The time savings the solution provides are an important component that drives value for marketers almost immediately. AI cuts down on routine copywriting, for example, letting content practitioners shift their brain power to more creative fine-tuning and strategizing of campaigns and copy. Visuals can also be initially generated by gen AI, allowing designers to focus their talent on bringing creative briefs to life in show-stopping ways. This reclaims precious time for focusing on the bigger-picture marketing strategies that position their brand for success.
  • Reduced complexity and ease of setup: Since Sage AI by Braze is easily accessible across the entire platform, it greatly reduces the needs for complex integrations and tech dependencies. The sophisticated predictive models available out of the box with turnkey models take a lot of the time and toil out of audience segmentation, and AI powers personalized item recommendations directly in Braze.
  • Cost savings thanks to optimized resource allocation:  The solution’s predictive modeling capabilities mean Sage AI by Braze makes it easy for marketing experts to devote their talents to optimizing resource allocation and fine-tuning the time-to-value ratio inherent in every campaign. In other words, it frees them to focus on strategy — rather than on fixing data models.

Built on a solid data foundation

AI decisioning is made more intelligent by robust and powerful data, and Braze uses Snowflake as a foundation for that. Leveraging the Snowflake platform, many of the Sage AI by Braze capabilities utilize attribute, behavior and event data to help predict behaviors, personalize messages and optimize outcomes. The Braze Predictive Suite can help target customers on future predicted behaviors, such as a user’s likelihood to opt toward churn or purchase. This data can then be used to help target users, send messages and help coax customers into desired actions. 

Beyond that, a customer’s data stored in Snowflake may be used to power Braze’s Personalized Variant, which serves to give each customer the journey that will most likely lead to them converting — based on data about user behavior. In this way, Snowflake foundationally helps Braze customers identify campaign variants that will most likely resonate with their various audiences segments.

Fitness company sees 21% increase in renewed subscriptions

Braze data models are tested with customers and shown to provide statistical uplift before they are launched to the market as features. Braze is intentional about not developing tools for hype; instead, by vetting and honing new capabilities through customer trials, each wave of new features are designed to drive tangible business value for Braze customers. 

Braze remains focused on developing AI features that help users solve real business problems and achieve superior results. One example is how the Braze Predictive Suite helped a fitness subscription company ensure they could target members least likely to renew their membership. The company saw a 21% resubscription increase in those who were targeted (compared to the control group and after decreasing the amount of related churn). 

Ready to put AI to work in your company?

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