Snowflake and Salesforce are happy to share that bidirectional data sharing between Snowflake, the Data Cloud company and Salesforce Data Cloud is now generally available. In September, we proudly announced that organizations could begin leveraging Salesforce data directly in Snowflake via zero-ETL data sharing to unify their customer and business data, accelerate decision-making and help streamline business processes. Today, we are excited to share that customers can close the loop, by sharing Snowflake data into the Salesforce Data Cloud, leveraging the same, zero-ETL data sharing innovation that reduces friction and empowers organizations to quickly surface powerful insights across sales, service, marketing and commerce applications.

Enterprises generate valuable customer data inside Salesforce applications. At the same time, organizations increasingly look to Snowflake as the data platform of choice for storing, modeling  and analyzing their full data estate. With this innovative Salesforce and Snowflake integration, organizations minimize friction, data latency, scale limitations and data engineering costs associated with working with these two best-in-breed platforms. The Snowflake Marketplace also offers customers the opportunity to acquire new data sets to enhance or fill gaps in their existing business data and ultimately drive innovation. By combining the full breadth of both enterprise data and third-party data from Snowflake Marketplace with valuable customer data from Salesforce applications, organizations can unify the full breadth of their data, and build powerful AI solutions natively to surface rich insights that drive superior and differentiated experiences for customers. 

“Zero-ETL data sharing between Salesforce Data Cloud and Snowflake is game-changing. It has opened up new frontiers of data collaboration. We’re excited to see how customers are powering their customer data analytics and developing innovative AI solutions with near real-time data from Salesforce and Snowflake, generating incredible business value. Now that this integration is generally available, this kind of innovation will be broadly accessible,”  says Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product, Snowflake.

Power personalized experiences with Salesforce and Snowflake 

Data sharing between Salesforce Data Cloud and Snowflake brings together holistic insights and can empower multiple customer-facing departments within an organization across any industry to create a truly robust customer 360. As Snowflake’s Chief Marketing Officer, Denise Persson, has often stated that a true, enterprise-wide customer 360 is the beating heartbeat of the modern, customer-facing organization. 

The applicability of this integration reaches businesses with many different needs, and unlocks new growth opportunities. For example: 

  • Retailers can now combine Commerce and Service Cloud data from Salesforce with point-of-sale and supply chain data in Snowflake to help troubleshoot customer challenges and pinpoint manufacturing issues. With a comprehensive single source of truth that combines ERP data with customer data, retailers can also run targeted campaigns that feature discounts for surplus inventory. 
  • CPG customers have heavy advertising budgets but lack first-party data due to indirect contact with customers. With the third-party cookie currently deprecating, CPG customers must rely on secure data collaboration methods that allow them to gather data which allows them to run more effective ads more confidently. By sharing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud data from Salesforce to Snowflake, unifying those data sets with their own financial and sales data, CPG customers can then use a data clean room to share data with their retail partners without exposing PII, to gather a more refined view of their advertising and marketing performance. This allows them to adjust strategies and better allocate ad spend to maximize ROI. Finally, CPG customers can then share refined audiences back to Salesforce to execute consistent, cross-channel campaigns through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Financial services customers can leverage customer data from Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, enrich that data in Snowflake and run proprietary models to predict future returns for their clients. They can also unify customer data from the Salesforce applications they use with customer data that originates from other marketing and sales applications in Snowflake. With this holistic view of the customer, they can apply native AI capabilities in Snowflake, which empower them to run tailored and personalized next-best-action recommendations to maximize service quality and customer loyalty. This enables them to create a truly robust unified vision of the customer that can be used for tailored and personalized next-best-action recommendations.
  • Media and entertainment organizations can unify Salesforce data in Snowflake, leverage data clean rooms to share data in a privacy-preserving way with their partners and fine-tune audience profiles. Through this integration, they can seamlessly share data back to Salesforce to run email and marketing campaigns with precise targeting. They can also run detailed advertising campaigns from their robust customer data sets by activating them via leading media publishers by using clean rooms built on Snowflake.  
  • Healthcare companies can collect critical customer data from Salesforce and share it into their data platform in Snowflake. They can then apply native AI capabilities available in Snowflake to enable predictive modeling that surfaces opportunities to improve patient and member experiences. For instance, with their full customer data estate at their fingertips, combined with the power of predictive analytics and AI, telehealth reps can better serve patients and land on a precise recommendation for next steps for care. Now, with the possibility to send those insights back to Salesforce, organizations can take action and activate their data through best-in-class  customer-facing applications. 

The bidirectional integration now enables data sharing from across business systems, Salesforce clouds and operational systems available to analyze data sets and drive future actions. Bringing actionable insights and driving actions unleashes a new level of customer experience and productivity to the business.

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