Snowflake customers like you are on the forefront of innovation, working to transform and build your business with real, data-driven insights. Would you like your colleagues who face similar data challenges to get the same benefits from Snowflake? Here’s how. As a Snowflake insider, you can acquire 500 points towards Snowflake’s rewards program for each prospect referral that leads to another happy Snowflake Customer*.

Snowflake offers a series of rewards listed in our Customer Rewards Catalogue, or your unused points can be accrued and accumulated with future activities until your next redemption.


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*To qualify for the 500 points, your referral needs to spend $500 on Snowflake services beyond the free 400 credits we provide for new customers. To qualify for the 500 points, you must also provide Snowflake permission to contact your referral. Snowflake reserves the right to modify or terminate this program or any individual’s participation in the program at any time.