Snowflake Announces Third Annual EMEA Data Drivers Awards Winners, Honoring Leaders Transforming the Future of Data, Apps, and Generative AI Across Industries



  • Data Drivers winners AstraZeneca, Aviva, Danone, EDF UK, FLOA, and Keboola are awarded for pioneering new ways to mobilize the world’s data

No-Headquarters/BOZEMAN, Mont. – June 21, 2023 – Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, today announced the winners of the third annual Data Drivers Awards for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the premier Data Cloud awards that honor Snowflake customers leading their organizations and reimagining what’s possible with the Data Cloud across their industries.

This year’s Data Drivers Awards winners consist of data leaders from EMEA organizations, including AstraZeneca, Aviva, Danone, EDF UK, FLOA, and Keboola. Snowflake’s annual Data Drivers Awards winners represent the top individuals and organizations using the Snowflake Data Cloud to innovate, grow, and delight their customers.

“Snowflake customers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the Data Cloud, leveraging Snowflake’s unified platform to transform their industries with game-changing innovations around generative AI, data science, application development, and more,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer, Snowflake. “Every year our Data Drivers Awards recipients continue to amaze me, and this year is no exception as they pioneer new ways to build with Snowflake and drive impact across their organizations and the wider Data Cloud ecosystem.”

Here are the 2023 EMEA Data Drivers Awards winners:

  • AstraZeneca takes home the Data Driver of the Year award. This top award category honors an organization that epitomizes what it means to be data-driven and demonstrates how a well-implemented cloud data analytics strategy can accelerate the delivery of business capabilities, transforming numerous facets of the business. AstraZeneca is using Snowflake to support a number of strategic initiatives, including: supply chain network optimization driving improved access to medicines, site operational reporting to support greater carbon awareness and reduction, readily available standardized datasets to enable faster scientific decision-making, and helping build a data first mindset across the enterprise.
  • FLOA is honored with the Collaboration award. This award recognizes the innovative work FLOA is doing with Snowflake both internally and externally, by working with its ecosystems of partners to share and monetise data and dashboards. Through Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, FLOA has built more informed customer profiles in order to better deliver cashback services to them.
  • Niall Scott, Principal Data Engineer at Aviva, earned the Data Hero of the Year award. This award recognizes Niall’s work as the driving force behind “Aviva Zero,” a greenfield project to develop a new insurance company from scratch, without legacy processes or technology. The platform combines AI and ML technology to reduce manual intervention and is built on event-based architecture on Snowflake, aimed to transform the experience of its 18 million customers.
  • Keboola wins the Powered By Snowflake award. This award recognizes how Keboola’s Data Platform as a Service, built on top of Snowflake, is enabling over 250 customers to accelerate their data projects. Together, the two platforms provide a fully-scalable solution with native support for Snowpark, Streamlit, and enterprise-grade security through a user-friendly managed platform.
  • EDF UK, with its commitment to its customers and helping Britain achieve net zero, took the prize in the Data for Good category. This award spotlights EDF’s dedication to sustainability initiatives and building data products on Snowflake focused on the proactive identification and assistance of vulnerable customers. EDF data products, monitor energy usage and provide suggestions to help their customers lower consumption. In a period of rising energy costs this has helped EDF’s customers save money whilst reducing energy usage, in turn supporting the energy industries transition to net zero.
  • Axel Droin, Data & Analytics Product Director at Danone, earned the Data Executive of the Year award. Axel and his team have demonstrated inspiring leadership by implementing and leveraging new technologies, such as Snowflake, ensuring that various business departments can make meaningful and actionable business decisions, thanks to trusted, reliable and secure data.

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