A key benefit of the Snowflake Data Cloud is the elimination of data silos. Fundamental to this outcome is the ability of customers to operate and collaborate globally. To support this, the Data Cloud was designed to provide customers with the same product experience—including security and governance capabilities — across multiple cloud regions with the three major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

To optimally support global customers’ evolving data residency and sovereignty needs at the same time, Snowflake is committed to expanding our regional implementations with our public cloud partners. Next fiscal year (Feb. 1, 2024-Jan 31, 2025) in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, Snowflake plans to be online with two new cloud regions: AWS Zurich and GCP Dammam (Saudi Arabia). 

Snowflake’s planned expansion of EMEA deployments seeks to meet increasing regional customer demand for Snowflake’s Data Cloud, and enable local enterprises to maintain proximity to their data while enabling compliance with regional data regulations.

Commitment to cross-cloud flexibility

Enterprises the world over are unlocking inordinate amounts of business value by leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud to reduce data silos and accelerate the development of AI/ML applications. Snowgrid, Snowflake’s cross-cloud technology layer, connects your different business ecosystems across regions and clouds, helping you break down data silos and operate at a global scale. Snowflake’s cross-cloud capabilities have myriad benefits for customers, including the following:

  • Cross-cloud governance: Snowflake Horizon, Snowflake’s built-in governance and discovery solution with a unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability and access capabilities in the Data Cloud, makes it easy to govern and take immediate action on data, apps, and more across clouds, teams, partners and customers — both inside and outside of organizations. 
  • Cross-cloud collaboration: Easily discover, access and share data, services and apps across clouds and regions.
  • Cross-cloud business continuity: Snowgrid allows customers to replicate data and more across clouds and regions, unlocking unmatched resiliency to eliminate disruptions, comply with changing regulations or migrate between clouds.

For our customers, this means a unified experience across clouds and regions, so you can protect data at cloud scale, operate more efficiently and collaborate globally in new ways to further mobilize your data.

AWS Zurich

Snowflake is extending its presence in Switzerland with a planned Snowflake’s deployment in AWS Zurich, adding to an existing Azure Switzerland deployment. The additional implementation, planned to go live in the first half of 2024, will give businesses and organizations seeking to leverage the Data Cloud increased optionality for deployment. 

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Dammam

Customers using Snowflake’s Data Cloud in the Middle East have been able to discover and securely share data, as well as execute diverse analytic workloads, via Snowflake’s implementation on Azure UAE North in Dubai. With the addition of a Snowflake deployment on GCP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is planned to go online in the second half of the year, regional customers have further flexibility of choice for deployment. 

The addition of new deployments means your organization can choose the geographical region that best suits your operational needs. These planned deployments signal our continued commitment to our customers and partners globally, who will have even more options to mobilize their data through Snowflake’s Data Cloud and drive innovations with data and AI/ML applications.For more information visit our documentation site for Supported Cloud Regions.