Transform Builds its Big Data, Revenue Analytics SaaS Solution on Top of Snowflake

The #1 Cloud Data Warehouse chosen over the competition for its innovative technology and built-for-the-cloud architecture.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – April 25th, 2017 — Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud today announced that Transform Inc., developer of the first enterprise Revenue Data Platform or RDP, has selected Snowflake as the foundational data store for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that delivers high performance, big data analytics to enterprises keen to optimize their ability to grow revenue.

Transform’s enterprise SaaS platform is the only all-in-one big data analytics platform designed specifically for enterprise revenue acceleration. It features a self-constructing data engine that ingests and models specific threads of data from a customer’s internal information systems, online ad systems, and third-party data services. The platform’s role-based machine learning BOTS provide insights, predictions and recommendations specific to users with job functions across the overall sales and marketing organization.

As a result, Transform’s RDP delivers a 10x reduction in the time and cost of legacy enterprise business intelligence implementations and enables businesses to optimize their sales, marketing, advertising, channels, promotions and incentives.

“We believe that businesses should be getting a lot more from the massive investments they make in sales and marketing – more sustainable and predictable revenue growth. And we believe that data is the key. So, we’re changing the game for enterprise business intelligence, proving it doesn’t have to take years and cost millions of dollars,” Transform’s co-founder and CEO, Tom Chiarella said. “Furthermore, we believe that our customers require actions, not simply charts and graphs geared for a few internal analysts and specialists.”

Two years ago, Transform’s R&D group searched for a cloud-native data warehouse technology to underpin its vision for the Revenue Data Platform. Transform wanted to equip customers such as Disney, Intel, Macy’s, American Apparel, Verizon and Xerox with timely insights and actionable recommendations to boost revenue growth. The modern cloud data warehouse Transform sought had to bring all revenue-related data into one location so companies could analyze, pinpoint revenue gaps and reposition how they marketed, promoted, priced and sold their products and services.

After evaluating a number of cloud database technologies, Transform selected Snowflake for its unique built-for-the-cloud architecture. “Snowflake’s decoupling of storage and compute, its truly elastic nature and ability to syndicate data made it an ideal choice,” said Murali Krishnan, VP of Technology who joined Transform after 22 years at Microsoft. “Snowflake enables our RDP platform to deliver the best of virtually unlimited scalability, security, real-time performance, and cost-effectiveness for our customers.”

With Snowflake’s exponentially faster performance, ability to run ad hoc reporting, scale seamlessly from 1gb of data to multi-PBs, Transform customers shifted from analytics performed weekly, monthly or quarterly by the IT team, to real-time analytics performed by anyone involved in revenue generation.

For example, Transform’s major retailer customers moved off their legacy systems to RDP powered by Snowflake. These major brands now have a single source of truth for revenue data, direct from ERP and POS sources, and easily integrated with marketing, sales, product and inventory data.

Transform also enables retailers to produce predictive insights to improve in-store conversion, product performance, pricing and promotions ROI, customer support insights and enablement, and market opportunities.

For example, Transform can quickly uncover why one retailer’s physical store performed significantly better than another. Transform communicates recommended daily actions to store managers to help boost sales based on previous performance, current inventory and evolving customer trends.

“Our great aim is not insights or even knowledge, but actions,” said Transform co-founder and COO, Randa Minkarah. “We want to empower everyone within the company who has a role in revenue to take action that yields real incremental customers, sales and revenue.”

Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia said Transform is one of many innovative SaaS industry analytics solution providers that has chosen Snowflake. “Transform’s innovative application helps enterprises take decisive action to improve their top line, and we’re happy to be an integral part of their solution.”

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Transform Inc. is a Seattle-based company launched in 2014 with the first-of-its-kind, data-driven revenue growth platform for enterprise businesses. Transform’s customers gain the ability to predict and optimize all aspects of revenue generation including marketing, sales and product strategies.  Transform provides data collection, refinement and analysis that is delivered as visualized recommendations. The result is rapid action to drive top line growth. For more information on Transform, please visit

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