Customers are not only interacting with your app, they are also using multiple social networks from their mobile devices to interact with your organization — making mobile experience essential. Customer behavior has multiple sources; understanding that behavior requires a data platform that can easily incorporate and process all these sources of data along with the web traffic being generated by your app. It can be difficult to integrate these disparate sources given key requirements such as:

  • Ingesting different types of data
  • Accommodating data changes
  • Scaling in synch with the user base scales to ensure supply for analytics matches demand

Regardless, organizations with a successful mobile strategy have been able to find a way. They use data analytics solutions to differentiate themselves and personalize their customers’ mobile experience. They use these solutions to better understand customer interaction with their organization using a mobile platform along with getting a stronger grip on customer experience and fixing unforeseen problems.

One such organization is Chime. Chime is revolutionizing banking for the mobile generation by designing their mobile presence around the customer. Their app is aimed at helping people lead healthier financial lives and automating savings. “Chime is designed for the millennial generation who expect services to be personalized and mobile-first.” says Ethan Erchinger, Chime’s Director of Technical Operations.

See how Chime is able to easily ingest and analyze data from 14 different sources including Facebook, Google and applications that emit JSON data in order to effectively analyze customer experience and feedback within their mobile platform. For example, Chime is able to collect and analyze feedback from app users to personalize their experience based on their geographic location, so that they can get helpful hints about saving money in their area. Read Chime’s story here.