“How do other companies reduce latency in their data stacks?”

“How can we simplify our data pipeline?”

“Is real-time analytics even possible?”

Snowflake Summit is the perfect event for anyone asking these questions. Scheduled for June 3–6 in San Francisco, Snowflake Summit is your opportunity to interact with more than 1,500 data-driven practitioners and leaders who are pushing the boundaries on real-time analytics.

Snowflake Summit offers more than 100 interactive presentations, keynotes, and breakouts, including the Integrating and Streaming Data track of sessions. Data and solution architects, data engineers, database administrators, and other IT professionals will receive a wealth of training and best practices from Snowflake staff and industry thought leaders. Participants will walk away from Snowflake Summit with a game plan for accelerating data analytics by learning how to:

  • Quickly ingest and transform structured and semi-structured data from any source
  • Continuously ingest streaming data with Snowflake’s Snowpipe service
  • Overcome data pipeline connectivity errors
  • Reduce latency, even on high-volume data loads
  • Integrate batch and streaming data with Snowflake
  • Build data pipelines that run 24×7
  • Power data pipelines by gathering change data capture (CDC) information

Check out the Integrating and Streaming Data track overview.

Gain Insights from Snowflake Customers

The Integrating and Streaming Data track also offers several customer-led presentations, which provide real-world strategies to reduce latency and streamline data pipelines. Companies scheduled to present include:

  • Castleton Commodities International (CCI)
  • DocuSign
  • Fitness Lifestyle Group (FLG)
  • Minted
  • PDX
  • REI
  • White Ops

Join the discussion to learn how the world’s most successful organizations use Snowflake to improve data accessibility, reduce costs, elevate data governance, simplify data operations, accelerate business intelligence, and achieve near real-time insights.

Put Your Skills to the Test in a Snowflake “Lab”

Prefer a hands-on approach to learning? With several self-paced “labs” to choose from, you’ll gain first-hand experience with:

  • Loading data into Snowflake
  • Validating data loaded into Snowflake
  • Using Snowpipe to auto-ingest data
  • Unloading data from a Snowflake data warehouse into a stage
  • Troubleshooting common connectivity issues

Read more about the hands-on labs at Snowflake Summit.

Get One Step Closer to Real-Time Analytics

Ready to take the next step toward real-time analytics?

Register by May 31, 2019, to lock in advanced pricing—a $500 savings off the full price of a Summit ticket.