The potential is nearly limitless.

It’s easy to get excited about Snowflake’s Data Cloud and its ability to power data science, machine learning (ML), AI, and BI data initiatives in ways not even imagined a few years ago.

Data science is revolutionizing how organizations make business and product decisions. Organizations that maximize their data science innovations have a substantial competitive edge over those who don’t. But data science requires fast access to all of an organization’s data, powerful data engineering capabilities, and support for an ever-expanding ecosystem of ML tools, frameworks, and libraries.

You can learn more about leading-edge data science initiatives from industry leaders at the Supercharge Your Analytics and Data Science track at Data Cloud Summit 2020.

At this track, you can choose from sessions that demonstrate:

  • The latest Snowflake technology advances, enabling you to power your BI with more data faster
  • How to optimize the world-class performance, elasticity, and speed of Snowflake’s platform with modern analytics third-party solutions
  • How Snowflake powers data science and ML with powerful data engineering capabilities that support an expanding ecosystem of ML tools, frameworks, and libraries
  • How the traditional data roles such as analyst, data scientist, and data engineer are merging, and how collaboration among these roles increases effective data modeling, AI, and ML.

To see a description of all the sessions in the Supercharge Your Analytics and Data Science track, go to the registration page for your region.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!