Cloud Governance

Cloud governance is another way of describing data governance in the cloud. Cloud governance is the practice of monitoring and controlling the security, integrity, availability, and use of data in a cloud computing environment/ecosystem. It’s is a process for managing data across its full lifecycle, from data acquisition to disposal.

The goals of cloud governance are many, as it is core to a business’ or organization’s data management practice and philosophy. Some common goals include:

  • Enhancing data security

  • Mitigating data risk (regulatory compliance; protection against data leaks, breaches, and other threats)

  • Controlling internal access to sensitive datasets

  • Optimizing business strategy and operations through data analytics

Cloud governance ensures that data is secure, accurate, available, and accessible to key organizational stakeholders when they need it.

Snowflake and Cloud Governance

Snowflake’s Data Cloud and its extensive ecosystem of partners, including data governance experts Talend, provide a strong foundation for enhanced data governance. Snowflake Data Cloud interoperates with security and data governance tools such as Informatica, Collibra, Immuta, and others to provide better cloud governance.