Snowflake Marketplace has a new set of workforce analytics data available! 

Join us for a Virtual Marketplace Lab with Tony Costanza, Principal Solutions Engineer, as he guides us through using PDL’s Top Employers by Metro Area dataset to learn how to:

  • Enrich your internal data with data from third-party sources via People Data Labs and Snowflake Marketplace
  • Work with external workforce analytics data to understand breakdown of top employers by metro, concentration of top employers, and employment trends to shape business and hiring strategies 
  • Learn from real customer examples on benchmarking their HR businesses’ best practice
  • Take advantage of these new data sets and more from People Data Labs

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Q: What permissions do I need to participate in this lab?

A: You need to be a Snowflake account administrator or have the Import Share and Create Database privileges enabled. If you don’t meet the criteria above, you can always sign up for a Snowflake free trial.


  • Tony Costanza

    Principal Solutions Engineer, People Data Labs

  • Malery Lassen

    Senior Manager, Partner Marketing - Powered by Snowflake and Marketplace, Snowflake

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