By centralizing your security data across point products in the Snowflake security data lake, security leaders can have a holistic view of their organization’s security posture through customizable dashboards on Sigma.

While there are a variety of security metrics that Snowflake and Sigma supports, in this hands-on lab, we will cover how you can leverage Snowflake and Sigma to monitor the security posture of your Snowflake data environment.

You will learn:

  • How to connect Sigma to Snowflake
  • How to visualize Snowflake security logs with Sigma’s pre-built dashboards
  • How to leverage your Snowflake logs to explore for common security threats
  • How to customize the workbook for your specific needs
  • How to set up alerting for continuous monitoring of your Snowflake instance

Sample metrics in this lab will include:

  • Users with the highest level of account permissions
  • AccountAdmins bypassing MFA
  • Login failures by user & type
  • Stale Users
  • Changes to privileged objects in Snowflake


In Partnership with:

  • Keith Smith

    Principal Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake

  • Kelsey Hammock

    Partner Solutions Engineer at Sigma