The data lakehouse architecture emerged to combine the benefits of scalability and flexibility of data lakes with the governance, schema enforcement, and transactional properties of data warehouses. Iceberg Tables (Public Preview) bring Snowflake’s easy management and great performance to data stored externally in the open source Apache Iceberg format.

In this lab, our instructor will help you follow along to build an open data lakehouse architecture. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Iceberg Tables to store data in cloud object storage
  • Perform read and write operations on Iceberg Tables
  • Perform time travel on Iceberg Tables
  • Apply governance policies on Iceberg Tables
  • Transform Iceberg Tables in Python using Snowpark
  • Share Iceberg Tables
  • Access Snowflake-managed Iceberg Tables from Apache Spark™
  • Vino Duraisamy

    Developer Advocate