A sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan is critical for organizations looking to build resilient data platforms. Businesses face many forms of disruptions like fire, floods, cyberattacks, ransomware, and outages from cloud service providers that can spiral into various undesirable outcomes – from operational systems coming to a standstill leading to financial losses to something worse, like reputational damage and fines.

In this hands-on-lab, learn how to build a resilient cross-cloud business continuity strategy with Snowflake using:

  • Account Replication, now GA: expands replication beyond databases to account metadata and integrations 
  • Pipeline Replication, in preview: with the replication of Stages, Snowpipe, COPY (ingestion), and directory tables in preview, customers will be able to replicate entire ETL pipelines to protect against Snowflake becoming unavailable in a region. This means customers can failover pipelines and Snowflake guarantees idempotent loads. Snowflake users can now also replicate streams & tasks in GA
  • Vinay Srihari

    Principal Architect, Data Sharing and Collaboration, Field CTO Office