Whether you are building a startup or adding to a data-intensive application, taking advantage of a modern data platform and DevOps methodologies are key to innovating faster and gaining a competitive advantage.

Snowflake and Amazon Web Services are bringing you a series of DevDay events to show how to build applications quickly and reliably—without operational burden.

You will learn how to use Snowflake’s Data Cloud to build your applications, and AWS CodePipeline to bring agile deployments practices to your software development release features faster, develop, and test at scale. You will follow our instructors and use your Snowflake and AWS accounts and have the opportunity to ask questions.

You’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Ingest structured and semi-structured data into Snowflake powered REST application
  • Deploy AWS CodePipeline service
  • Configure Snowflake with SQL code using CICD pipeline
  • Deploy API gateway and serverless app with Lambda, and deliver as infrastructure as a code
  • Learn how Snowflake fits into application stack and deployments
  • Join the on-demand Q&A with your Snowflake and AWS peers
  • Piotr Pietrzkiewicz

    Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Dragos Madarasan

    Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Darko Mesaros

    Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services

  • Dmytro Yaroshenko

    Principal Data Platform Architect, Snowflake