Join us online for a free instructor-led, hands-on lab to learn how to accelerate your machine learning with Snowflake and Amazon SageMaker. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of creating an advanced analytics solution. We’ll train a customer churn prediction model from data in Snowflake using SageMaker and feed scores back into Snowflake for analysis. In this lab, our instructors will help you follow along using your Snowflake and AWS accounts and answer your questions live.



  • Load data into a table within your Snowflake account
  • Launch a SageMaker Notebook instance with the Snowflake Python connector pre-installed
  • Connect to your Snowflake instance and pull data into a Pandas dataframe
  • Unload a dataset into S3 and use it to train a machine learning model
  • Run a batch of data through your model and load the results back into Snowflake
  • Dylan Tong

    AI/ML Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Andries Engelbrecht

    Partner Solution Architect, Snowflake