One of the biggest challenges in AI/ML is deploying and scaling models in production. Snowflake is accelerating the path from model development to production with Snowpark, the set of libraries and runtimes that securely deploy and process Python and other programming code in Snowflake. Join this webinar to dive into Snowpark ML, the integrated Python library for feature engineering, model training, and integrated deployment.

Join us at Snowpark Day to learn how to: 

  • Use Snowpark ML library for faster and more intuitive ML development and operations.
  • Work from your development tool of choice with integrations to the most popular IDEs and notebooks.
  • Build and deploy an end-to-end model using Snowpark ML through a demo.

And hear directly from our Snowpark Accelerated partners on how you can: 

  • Partner with Infostrux to start your MLOps journey by leveraging the Snowpark Model Registry to deploy open-source LLMs into Snowflake compute.
  • Leverage Astronomer to seamlessly weave Snowpark ML into your production pipelines with the latest Snowflake Provider for Apache Airflow.

In Partnership with:

  • Lucy Zhu

    Product Marketing Manager,

  • Frank Pacione

    Manager, Partner Sales Engineering

  • Sikha Das

    Senior Architect, ML Field CTO,

  • Milan Mosny


  • Fabian Hernandez

    Sr. Data Architect

  • Tamara Fingerlin

    Developer Advocate

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