Join us for a free instructor-led, hands-on lab to learn how to create cloud-native ELT pipelines with Snowflake and Matillion. In this workshop, we’ll show you how you can transform data faster and manage data engineering more efficiently with great performance and scalability.

In this lab, our instructors will help you follow along using your Snowflake and Matillion accounts and answer your questions live.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Acquire data easily by sourcing data from Snowflake Data Marketplace
  • Use Matillion’s GUI-based pipeline development and transformation with push-down capabilities
  • Extract data from APIs using Matillion
  • Achieve reliable data processing at scale with elastic compute and near-zero maintenance 
  • Bonus: See some data governance and data masking capabilities in action
  • Karey Graham

    Manager, Partner Success at Matillion

  • Ripu Jain

    Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake

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