Whether you are contemplating to migrate your data out of your legacy on-premise databases or building a modern analytics data architecture in Government Commercial Cloud, taking advantage of the Snowflake Data Cloud approach and leveraging cloud machine learning capabilities are keys to delivering data insights for citizen and government services.

Join Snowflake and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for an interactive half-day session. In this workshop, you’ll learn and understand what it takes to be successful to move your data to Snowflake on AWS, enable analytics with cloud elasticity while operating within relevant data security framework.  Attend this workshop and learn from practitioners who will discuss a range of topics around the power of cloud analytics for analytics and data science.


  • Starting your data journey from on-premise to GCC
  • How to build a modern analytics platform in GCC
  • Practical considerations of public sector data security in GCC


  • Jie-Hong, Lim

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Yun Yun, Ooi

    Partner Solutions Architect - Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

During this session, there will be a hands-on lab. Please sign up for a Snowflake free trial HERE.