Modern financial services organisations need a modern data strategy, built on platforms that can support agility, growth, and operational efficiency. 

Watch to learn how Snowflake and dbt can simplify data pipelines across your organisation and enable your engineering team to focus on data and analytics, instead of infrastructure management and maintenance. 

You will learn how to leverage market data to build a multi-currency profit and loss view for a stock trading portfolio. This lab covers how to:

  1. Easily transform data by applying engineering principles with dbt 
  2. Leverage ready-to-query third-party data in Snowflake Data Marketplace
  3. Run a dbt project and develop pipelines
  4. Create data tests
  5. Leverage Snowflake’s elasticity and scalability to support dbt calculations at scale


Use this hands-on lab guide to follow along with the instructor.

  • Dmytro Yaroshenko

    Data Platform Lead, Field CTO Office, Snowflake