Join us for a free, two hour instructor-led, hands-on lab to learn how to build machine learning models with Snowflake and Dataiku. In this workshop, you will get started with Snowflake’s platform, use trusted third-party data from the Snowflake Data Marketplace, and build and deploy a machine learning model with Dataiku.

In this online lab, instructors will use COVID-19 data to demonstrate Snowflake and Dataiku’s capabilities and answer questions live. 

You will learn how to:

  • Create and deploy a data science project with Dataiku and Snowflake
  • Analyse and hypothesise using COVID-19 data 
  • Use Dataiku to predict virus spread based on local regulations, restrictions, and mitigation steps by country
  • Build and train machine learning models to forecast the next COVID-19 hotspots in Europe 
  • Write back the predictions into Snowflake’s Data Cloud for further analysis
  • Stephen Franks

    Sales Engineer, Dataiku

  • Mark Jones

    Sales Engineer, Snowflake