Spark can be a powerful tool in the right situation, but working with Spark isn’t always easy. Migrating Spark to Snowflake aims to enable a wider audience of users to share a common platform and support a larger community. We’ll discuss how companies move their data transformation workloads into Snowflake.  And with the introduction of Snowpark, developers can feel at home with Snowpark and its support for Java, Python (in preview), and Scala. We’ll also show how non-programmers can use Snowflake’s native and third-party data engineering tools to build meaningful outcomes. 

During this webinar, you will hear from phData, an SI partner of Snowflake with years of experience with Spark and Hadoop ecosystem, and now with Snowflake. 

Watch to learn about:

  • Why you should move Spark workloads to Snowflake 
  • Top tips shared from phData 
  • Example case studies from customer projects 
  • Ideal scenarios to target for your migration
  • Shiyi Gu

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake

  • Ryan Bosshart

    CEO, phData

  • Troy Fokken

    Chief Architect - Data Engineering, phData