Data is an essential asset for helping businesses make better investment decisions. Context Analytics provides the financial and marketing communities with data products to evaluate company financials, enhance returns, and reduce risk.

Join this webinar featuring Joe Gits, Context Analytics’ co-founder and CEO, to learn how Context Analytics is leveraging Snowflake’s platform to power data products created from unstructured corporate reports. 

This session will cover:

  • The role of corporate financial documents in investment decision-making
  • How Snowflake enables Context Analytics to process unstructured files into predictive, monetized data products
  • The future of Context Analytics with the Data Cloud
  • Joe Gits

    Context Analytics, Inc.

  • Umair Rafiq

    Chief Technology Officer
    Social Market Analytics, Inc.

  • David Stolz

    Product Manager
    Context Analytics, Inc.

  • Scott Teal

    Senior Product Marketing Manager