Across the media industry, businesses are looking to dynamically share, join, and analyze data for audience insights, targeting, activation, and measurements. However, traditional methods of data sharing require time-intensive data ingestion infrastructure resulting in delayed access to data and out-of-date data, making it difficult for business units to derive real-time insights. 


Snowflake brings together the platform and content needed to effectively and securely collaborate. 

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn best practices for data sharing in media, including:

  • Decreasing time-to-data access from months to minutes with Snowflake Secure Data Sharing
  • Establishing intra-organization Data Exchanges to increase data utilization while maintaining centralized governance 
  • Leveraging data clean rooms and Snowflake Data Marketplace to securely share and access data
  • Kieran Kennedy

    Head of Data Marketplace, Snowflake

  • Adrian Bolosan

    Industry Principal, Media & Entertainment, Snowflake