With thousands of data sources to govern, hundreds of vendor contracts to manage, and new requests for data daily, market data and IT teams at financial services organizations can struggle to keep up with the demand for access to fresh, up-to-date data. 

Traditional methods of data sharing require time-intensive data ingestion infrastructure, resulting in delayed time to utilization for business units, and little insight into data usage and governance for market data teams. 

Tune in to this on-demand webinar to learn best practices for data sharing in financial services, including:

  • Decreasing time-to-data access from months to minutes with Snowflake Secure Data Sharing
  • Reducing downtime due to fragile ETL pipelines and identifying opportunities to replace existing ETL pipelines

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  • Kieran Kennedy

    Head of Data Marketplace, Snowflake

  • Rinesh Patel

    Head of Industry, Financial Services, Snowflake